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  • Partialhands.org providespartial finger prosthesis, partial hand prosthesis and forearm prosthesis
    that are especially focused on practicality and productivity for amputees.

    Self-adaptive partial finger prosthesis

    • Modular customized fabrication
    • Adaptive socket
    • Optimized fixing areas for the amputated part

    Partial hand prosthesis

    • Lightweight: mounting module(150g)+finger module (25g/per finger): total 250g
    • Mounting module: passive mechanism that can adapt palm movements
    • Finger module: adaptive grasp function according to the shape of an object plus passive abduction and adduction
    • Control using relative values of the acceleration sensor

    Forearm prosthesis

    • Forearm prosthesis using surface EMG signals
    • Customized socket composedof hard and soft parts for users
    • Forearm prosthesis movement using pattern recognition

    This work was supported by the convergence technology development program for bionic arm through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Science & ICT (No. 2015M3C1B2052811).

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